Do you do birthday parties during your off season?

Yes. We do birthday parties and events year round. Events held in the winter months need to be indoors for the health and safety of our animals.

Do you accept donations?

Definitely. It doesn't need to be monetary either. Many people donate animal food. Any fruits or vegetables (except avocado) are incredibly welcome.

Can we visit on a Monday?

We are closed Mondays but if you call ahead we are willing to try to accomodate visits during our off hours.

Are we allowed to touch the animals?

Most of our animals are friendly enough to be petted, yes, as long as a staff member is there to allow you access.

Do you sell any animals?

Some of the baby animals are for sale.
Most commonly there are rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, fancy rats and fancy mice.
Occasionally there are chickens, ducks, geese, goats, ball pythons, corn snakes and Patagonian cavies.

Will you take my dog/cat/rabbit/lizard?

We do take in animals that are no longer wanted or cannot be cared for by their owners. Contact us to inquire if you have an animal you would like to re-home. Even if we can't accommodate you, we probably have connections that can.

Does it bite?

If it has teeth it can bite.

Holding your hand out for a pet dog to sniff before petting it doesn't really work for exotic animals. Again, we cannot stress enough, please wait for a staff member to be with you to say when and where to pet.

Can I bring my dog with me to visit?

As much as we love animals there are many reasons why your animal shouldn't come visit with you.
1. It upsets the animals that already live here. They are used to our dogs, they aren't used to yours.
2. Risk of disease. Your pet may have something that could cause our exotic animals to become sick.
3. Your pet, no matter how well behaved, has probably never met half of what we have here. It may become scared or aggressive with all the new sights and smells.

And before you ask, no, you can't just leave him/her in the car. It's too hot even with cracked windows unless you leave the vehicle running with AC on.

Is it okay to take pictures?

Take all you like! If you get some really good ones please share them with us. We may be able to use them (with your permission) on future calendars or posters.

Does [insert government official here] know you have these animals?

Everyone who needs to know knows and we are inspected bi-annually by the Ontario SPCA.

Is that snake poisonous?

If we are holding it or it is on display in a wire cage it most definitely is NOT venomous. The words poisonous and venomous are often confused.
Venom is injected. Scorpions, bees, spiders, snakes, etc.
Poison is injested. Mushrooms, frog skin, toad skin, arsenic, etc.

There is one poisonous snake.  The keelback snake eats toads and frogs and exudes poison from it's skin.  It also has a venomous bite.