Fur, feathers, scales, armour and more, the many animals at Waddles'n'Wags provide a plethora of exciting knowledge and entertainment.

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A small family run hobby farm nestled just south of Eganville in the beautiful Bonnechere Valley,

Waddles'n'Wags started with a love for animals and the family just kept growing. We decided to open the doors for others to enjoy our family in the fall of 2005.

We have finished our perimeter fence for the safety of our animals and lots of new enclosures. Some have been re-painted in bright eye-catching colours while others are completely original.

With the multitude of furry, feathered, or scaly creatures to see there is surely something for everyone. Llama kisses, ferrets dooking, turkeys displaying... a grumbly purr from a cavy or an unblinking stare from one of our giant constrictors... we offer an educational, friendly tour of our multi-specie family.


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